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air flaps

Posted: 07 Apr 2007, 22:54
by vanjam
my brother in law has an 1900 Aircooled on an A reg don't know engine codes. We re-tapped no 2 cylinder plug hole recenlty and in faffing about with the tinware whilst doing so severed a wire linkage that runs downwards at the crankshaft pulley/fan end of the engine. It operates some sort of an airflow control flap. Can anyone tell me waht this flap is and how critical to proper running its please. I'm not used to watercooled



Posted: 08 Apr 2007, 06:51
by Rozzo
hi m8
thats the thermostat wire i think from what you say,,, it runs from the bar above the tinware through a hole,, round a pulley and is connected to the thermostat. if its broken dont worry as the flaps are sprung so that in the event of this failing, the flaps open fully for full engine cooling. it will just take a little longer for the engine to reach full operating temperature in winter as when closed by the thermostat the flaps limit the ammount of cooling air flowing over the engine.

Posted: 08 Apr 2007, 07:44
by The_blue
Mine dosn't have any flaps at all. Bar, spring and flaps are long gone!

Should i try and replace em?

Posted: 08 Apr 2007, 08:01
by Rozzo
i think i read somewhere that it's better if they're in as the airflow is calculated with them in place but i'm no expert.
i know mine are in and it runs in that popping, gurgling way that only an Aircooled can :lol:

Posted: 08 Apr 2007, 11:16
by vanjam
cheers for that peeps, my bro in law will be relieved