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Hot Starting Problem

Posted: 04 Apr 2007, 21:03
by jock_sbfc
Hi all - hope this is in the right section.

Anyway, my 1984 Caravelle 1.9 DG doesn't like starting when its hot. It sounds almost like flat battery (i.e. not enough 'whizz' to turn it over).

It, however, starts on the notch almost everytime when cold.

A little history:
a. I've replaced the starter motor bush, including sorting out all the earthings etc.
b. The spark plugs, dizzy have been replaced in the last 3 months.
c. The carbeurattor (sp?!) has just been serviced by Gas Sure.

Anybody got any ideas for where to head to next?

If I can supply any further info then let me know...


Posted: 05 Apr 2007, 09:51
by ermie571
Hi Greg,

have you followed the "warm start" instructions in the manual? No, I'm not kidding - there is guidance on how to start when warm. Sorry I can't remember what it is exactly - but it is different to cold start. Sure someone will be able to help more.

There has been info on these pages - a quick search on warm start found this

Am I not right in thinking that when T25's are warm you should press the accellorator to the floor (not pump) and hold it there to start them. Think thats what I read in the manual and it seems to work a treat.

this was listed for an air-cooled, but says for t25s in the advice.

Maybe worth a try

Best of luck

Posted: 05 Apr 2007, 09:53
by jock_sbfc
I'll give it a shot this afternoon. I've not tried it. :oops: :lol:

Thanks for the reply, and I'll let you know how I get on...

(Oh, and I'm a newbie, with no manual - so I've no idea about anything! :) )

Posted: 05 Apr 2007, 11:45
by SteveW
I recon it is the starter. Nothing else to change now :cry:
How about putting up with it for the weekend then we can change it next time you are down or nip round GSF or Euro car parts for a new one and have a go yourself. only one nut one bolt and a couple of wires. We are in if you need to ring us.