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Wheel nuts

Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 19:19
by SplendiferousII
I am trying to change the front brake pads on my van.

Done the Near Side no worries.

Are the wheel nuts on the Off Side (Driver side) left hand thread or something.

Breaker bar + Scaffold tube and not budged yet.


Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 19:42
by The_blue
Normal thread mate. had the same here! WD40 and brute force was my answer. Get a good fitting socket so you don't round the head.

Had to heat the nuts on an old car once but thats a last resort.

Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 20:01
by SplendiferousII
I had actually done a few just didnt realise it. As they released with a twang and shot the socket across the workshop, they had actually realeased that little bit. Went back and had another go and thats when I found out.

Job done now at least.

Thanks anyway.

Loads of Copper coat and done up now with reasonable force.