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Dash lights

Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 12:46
by graeme1210
Another problem reared over the weekend. I found some topics that have covered this problem but not for my particular one.

Dash lights not working on 81 diesel model old style fusebox.
All the LED warning lights work, clock, fuel and temp but no night time visibility.
Is there a separate fuse for dash lights on the early fusebox as there is on the later model. If so where is it?

Or do I need a new PCB?

Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 12:51
by Mash
Happened to me about 5 weeks ago.

Turns out when I had the cover off the dash pod I'd folded the connector wire and put a hairline crack in it. I rearranged the wire to make sure it didn't move, touch wood it's been fine.