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Heatsource 1600 Thermostat

Posted: 01 Apr 2007, 11:21
by scottie
I have a Riemo conversion with a Heatsource 1600 gas heater in it with an adjustable thermostat on it.

The thermostat doesnt seem to be working as when it is turned to the cool position the heater doesn't cut out, then cut back in when the temperature drops.

Has anyone else had this problem? how can I test it? Where will I get a new one if I need to replace it?

Thanks for your help,


Posted: 01 Apr 2007, 20:57
by futurecut
Do a search for thermostat, i think someone had a similar question recently and was told you can buy a stansard 3 connection type one from B&Q that's a suitable replacement.

I found it :o)

Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 07:15
by scottie
Thanks Futurecut,
I have not been using this forum for long and posted the question before looking for the answer!!
I did a search and it did show that there had been a previous post.
I don't know much about electrics but I do have the wiring diagram now so i'll see if I can get someone to fit it for me.