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Autohomes rigid pop top restoration

Posted: 13 Apr 2020, 19:18
by Beemsquar
Hi all, I am in the process of restoring my VW T25 Autohomes rigid pop top camper and have finally got round to sorting the roof out, after a few months of not working on it due to all the awful weather we had this winter.

I seem to have misplaced my paperwork with the dimensions I took down for the location of the gas ram brackets, that mount to the vehicles roof.

If there are any Autohomes rigid pop top owners on here, who could be so kind to measure the 4 locations to the centre of the ram, I would be most grateful!!!

The actual roof was in good condition and I believe the cap is a replacement as there is zero sagging or leaks, but it was filthy inside and needed updating to match the new interior.

So far I've removed the roof, re-ply-lined and insulated it with Dodo liner. Replaced the curved front and back pieces, fully carpeted everything with genuine Veltrim 4 way stretch lining in smoke. Re-made the sides as they were in bad condition and painted the outsides in the same colour as the van and just fitted new stainless steel piano hinges and all other hardware.

Final job to do on the roof now is to figure out exactly where the hinges need to attach to the van body and get the damn thing back up to attach the sides and gas rams.

The last job will be to replace the rubber seals on the pop top windows, which again if anyone can enlighten me on the profile needed, would be a great help, as I can't find the old ones and fear they may have been thrown out!!

Here's a few pics of the progress so far. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

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Re: Autohomes rigid pop top restoration

Posted: 28 Jul 2020, 15:53
by bolddrummer
I am just about to do the annual “get the roof going up and down” service. Just wondered if you had replaced your rams? If so were did you get them?

Re: Autohomes rigid pop top restoration

Posted: 28 Jul 2020, 21:08
by Beemsquar
Hiya, yeah I replaced the rams and the mounting brackets as mine were all shot. I purchased a set of new rams from SGS engineering, I just measured the length of the rams I took off and matched them the best I could to what they had, I then made sure I chose a set that matched the Nm force required to keep the roof up. All works much better than before. Good luck!

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