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Posted: 01 Jul 2012, 20:36
by Mick & Tracey
Thanks all for great weekend.
Here's the view from my cab on Saturday

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Posted: 01 Jul 2012, 20:43
by axeman
kind of sums upp saturday. but did not spoil the weekend.

nice to see every one again, and meet lots new people.

neil, sally and madaline


Posted: 01 Jul 2012, 20:44
by Mick & Tracey
Couple more shots including Dai's corker of a van as seen through the rain

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Posted: 01 Jul 2012, 21:58
by max and caddy
I enjoyed it despite my epic fail on tyre choice... :oops: , back next time better shod!

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Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 10:11
by sonic23
Lisa, Finn, Ed and I had a great time - lovely to meet old and new friends alike. :ok
Lisa enjoyed her first proper spell behind the wheel off-road and is looking forward to the next time.
We'll see some of you again this coming weekend at Camperjam, and I'll be bringing some more biccies for the BBQ.

Here are a few pictures.





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Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 10:41
by silverbullet
Was it a bit damp then?

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Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 15:51
by max and caddy
it was a tad yes...rain would stop...then just when you thought " it drying up now" it rained again..pity as it spoilt it a bit for everyone there i reckon. not sure how sunday went as did one at about 11am but was dry ish on the way home.....somehow i have managed to lose my brand new syncronauts membership card and more importantly my sticker! within a day of getting it! :roll:

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Posted: 02 Jul 2012, 16:52
by toomanytoys
Back home.. truck emptied, we're all bathed...

Another cracking event, but the weather makes one hell of a diference.. some "simple" bits were virtually undrivable after the sky caved in on Sat afternoon.. even getting out of the campsite proved a challenge for a lot...

Great to see some old French friends again too, sorry we couldnt say goodbye properly.... We will see you soon tho... :ok

Massive thanks to everyone that organised and performed duties all weekend.... :ok :ok

Oh.. whilst numerous tows were performed I seem to have lost a old large beige (and lightly rusty) shackle.. I'd like it back please if you find it on the end of your tow rope/towing eye... :ok

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Posted: 06 Jul 2012, 23:01
by Roving Rich
Well guys this was my first Syncronauts experience. I was a little nervous and intimidated of meeting you lot and putting my van through its paces. It was touch and go whether we were going to make it atall until just hours before. So friday afternoon got the front diff working Yay, failed to make the engine bashplate fit boooo and then discovered a waterleak ! yikes. Let alone actually packing anything. The plan was to to all that the night before, but a friend broke down, so ended up spannering till nightfall. So we arrived very late, tried to sneak in and set up but folks came bounding over to say hello and make us welcome.
It was great to meet you all and put some faces to names. The wealth of information available was overwhelming. I am still processing all the stuff that I learned that weekend. Both van anomalies I didn't know i had and how to actually drive off road.

We split up into groups and set off up the hill. We had Clive and Jenny, Simon and Sharon to guide and look after us. They did a sterling job IMO. Kept us all safe with their quick thinking and actions. I honestly think lives could have been lost if you hadn't been on the ball ! :ok

Fiona was very nervous in the back, tears rolling down her cheeks. Lily was bouncing up and down in the front thinking what great fun it was " when are the bumpy bits" and
"sliding - yeah, I like sliding can we do sliding Dad its fun" " NO ! Its dangerous" Crazy Child. :wink: The little one managed to sleep all the way round pretty much. Unbelievable.

So going up seemed pretty straightforward for us. Max infront of us struggled for grip, but our nearly new mud terrains seemed to cope well. Well that and pure driver skill ofcourse :D Oh and marshals telling me exactly where to put the wheels too.

It was that last slope before the top that was something of a wakeup call. Rob had set off up the slope in his lovely 16" camper conversion, I wated at the bottom to give him some room. This was my first experience of "failed ascent". When he had failed to reach the top of a fairly formidable grass and mud slope the was being irrigated by the sideways rain. I don't know if he had engaged reverse ? I do know he came hurtling down backwards at a rate on knots. :shock: I watched all 4 wheels lock and the van continue accelerating down the slope with us at the bottom :shock: Fortunately for us the camber went of a bit sideways, and his direct vector for decent took him away from us and towards the fence...AND a spectator admiring the view looking the other direction. Screams from the marshals and disaster was averted. As I said this was a REAL eye opener to me. I had failed to really consider just what happens when 2 tons goes sledging :?
It was our turn next. I really didn't fancy a repeat performance especially with my Wife and Kids on board. So err a little tense I lined up again, got as far back as I could and gunned it up the slope in G. Phew made ! BFGs to the rescue me finks. + G to ensure it stayed on boost.

Once at the top and regrouped Clive suggested that he take us for a bit of a "drive around" I got a front seat and a handle to hold onto :shock: It was certainly educational. I had no idea that Syncros were that capable and robust. A couple of demo's of "failed ascent". - Sheeet what happened - blink of an eye we have gone from uphill to down, forward to reverse, failure to success. I wasn't convinced that I'd be capable of pulling that manoeuvre off smoothly. Purely down the the err notchy gerchange in my van - 8) Traversing - upto 45 degrees ! and even then "it probably wouldn't roll, but slide in these conditions" Eeeek. So wheels steering slightly uphill, not too much or you have no control. Turn down hill if you loose it. Then onto descents with feet of the pedals, no sudden movements or braking. I'm sure you guys know all this stuff, but for me it was a very valuable lesson. One i'd get to practice on Sunday, when I had a chance to play and fail and try and get into reverse while starting to go sideways. EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeek. I got to practice it a few times and seemed to be getting better at it. Handy to have a vast area to run out into backwards.
It was by far the most extreme off roading I have done so far. The bimbling down greenlanes is not quite so adrenalin pumping.

It was great to finally see some other syncros and poke about a bit, look at all the different set ups, wheel carriers, jerry cans, engines,solar panels,fridges......and Dai's - which really sits in a league of it own. And hear some travellers tales and ripping yarns round the fire, maybe should have gone to bed before 4 am though :pimp
Fantastic to have your input on my heap. Only a little tutting and shaking of heads. Mainly positive input , help and advice. A Huge thankyou to Andy and Alex for tinkering with my Tdi and diagnostic computer skills. Its such relief to finaly get some sort of overall understanding of how the Tdi works. And that mine hasn't been thrown in too badly. I hadn't got to the engine yet, only doing remedial work so far. Its like the veil has been lifted over the dark arts of computer sorcery. Thanks Guys.

So it seems my van was a petrol converted to diesel. The fuel tank is from a pickup, cobbled up to work with a homebrewed funky filler pipe :? Bashplate is off the petrol and nothing like the diesel. Bits to do with the Tdi (tomorrow).

The French seemed to have no fear, chucking their vans through the worst of it even though they are a long way from home. Road tyres are a good spectator sport off road. Not so good if your driving however.

Great to meet you all. We all had a good time, Fiona actually seems keen to go greenlaning in Devon ( Thankyou Mrs Axeman :wink: )
Sorry I'm hopeless with names and there are to many take in and thank personaly.
Thanks for making us welcome.
Cheer Rich -

PS some Pics for ya.

A small gathering at the top - damn you can even see the filler from that distance !

Russels I believe. Some impressive - textbook failed ascent driving.

See some blue sky !

A slight predicament but still smiling

So I just liked the photo with that moody sky :P

There She is - My trusty stead - still in one piece hooray

The Diesel Doctors at work. Big up Guys :ok

Mmm mooody campsite shot

is it a bird, is it a plane - no its Super Syncro !

Just to put it in perspective.

Waiting nervously for the off.


The enthusiastic co driver and video operator (everytime you get to an interesting section you get a great shot of crocs or sky :lol: )


Well what can I say, I learned loads from you guys. Thanks for your time and patience and encouragement. We all had a great time and look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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Posted: 11 Jul 2012, 11:44
by HarryMann
Interesting comments so far, we'll post a full review and thanks for all the attendees, helpers and organisers sometime soon, but for now...

Mick a great pic to kick the thread off with, and :ok
Rich (& Richard, cool cookies), appreciate the on-site help and time to write up your thoughts, very frank and yes, some of us (I did anyway) made a few mistakes, all got away with it, so we'll be remembering and enforcing those lessons in future. At least knowing this site well now is what makes it such a useful training ground, but we all know can change in minutes, some places shockingly so. No-one drove 'the rock' this year, or up to the spine I think that was wise, first time that's happened.. Oh, and good pics all round too, that one of Dai's stripey syncro, a classic Mick

Simon, can for now assure you that our French visitors enjoyed every minute and what we would have done without your massive marquee, Happy Jack beer, wife and children to help... :oops: Oops! Not in that order :) still hanging on to the last bit of that delicious SP-09 christmas cake Tracy, having carried it around a lot of Wales this past week. the blue icing has set records for blueness

Back later with more thanks

Devilishly clever at tin-bashing is Chairman Mao, oops, I mean Our Chairman Dai :)


BTW I think its all about aerodynamics and cross-wind stability :idea

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Posted: 12 Jul 2012, 18:25
by syncropatrick
Roving Rich wrote: Image
Russels I believe. Some impressive - textbook failed ascent driving.

:lol: Thats me! Thanks - I was quite chuffed by that manoeuvre, although I think my passenger nearly tore off the grap handle from nerves. Later in the weekend my gear shifting skills went loopy and I ended up with this!
Limped back to campsite using the screwdriver as gear change.
Many thanks to Aidan for talking me through the repair procedure, providing his awning to shelter from the rain while I did so, plus lending me a spare gearstick from his workshop so I could complete the week.
Oh, and thanks to Al for running me into town to collect the spare part.

A great weekend even with poor weather. Nice to meet so many new people. I hope we made you feel welcome and showed you a good time. The communal eating, having laughs and campfires conversations are always a lovely foil to the driving which although always fun can get quite intense from concentration and application.

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Posted: 12 Jul 2012, 22:13
by Syncrotwist
Bonsoir à tous,

Bien rentré en France avec la tête remplie de souvenirs inoubliables.
Un grand merci pour la soudure du tube d'échappement et du local + le matériel pour la réparation.
Dommage que la pluie était un peu trop souvent avec nous, mais les ballades dans les paysages magnifiques nous ont fait passer de très bons moments.

MERCI à tous pour l'accueil, la convivialité.....

Daniel et Yves VW 068 251 171E

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Posted: 13 Jul 2012, 00:12
by HarryMann
Google Translate wrote: Although returned to France with a head full of memories

A big thank you for the welding of the exhaust pipe and the room + equipment for repair.

Too bad the rain was a bit too often with us, but the walks in the beautiful scenery we have passed a great time.

THANKS to all for the welcome, the friendliness .....

Bonsoir, je presume vous n'est pas Monsieur le Spam :)

Merci de votre lettre en temps opportun

Il est bon d'entendre que vous êtes à la fois retour à la maison en toute sécurité

Ce fut un plaisir de pouvoir vous montrer une partie de la campagne humide, notre nourriture rare et la bière terrible :wink:

et merci beaucoup pour tout le vin, le fromage bon et blagues hilarantes :rollin

Salutations de nous tous


Re: Syncropendence

Posted: 16 Jul 2012, 11:53
by JennyTyger
Just received this message from Jacky & Marinette:

Nous sommes bien rentrés chez nous après une petite visite en allant reprendre le ferry à Dover.

Nous garderons un excellent souvenir de ces jours passés avec vous aussi bien que des sorties, des visites, des soirées et ... enfin tout si bien organisé

Merci à vous deux et aux autres sycronautes pour tout ce que vous avez préparés.

Encore merci pour ce super séjour.

Amicalement Jacky Marinette


We are safely back home from our visit after taking the ferry from Dover.

We will keep excellent memories of the days spent with you as well as drives, visits, parties and ... Finally everything so well organized

Thank you both and the other sycronauts for everything you prepared.

Again thank you for this great trip.

Regards Jacky Marinette

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Posted: 19 Jul 2012, 21:51
by jebiga41
A video taster of the week" onclick=";return false; enjoy