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Westy curtains

Posted: 13 Oct 2020, 12:29
by fh9977
Hi, could someone send me some pictures of how the westy curtains are installed?

I converted a Caravelle into a Westy, and the company that did the conversion "forgot" to install the curtains. So the only thing I have are the top rails on both sides that are part of the camping kit.

Now I am not sure about:
1- how to install the rear curtain that goes behind the cabinet
2- if straps are somewhow fixed to the van
3- I think that in the sliding door there is a ball knob that is screwed to the van, not sure where it goes and what for
4- position where bottom wires is screwed in the van (both sidez)
5- how the rear curtain in the passenger side is fixed to the van - the top rail ends 5cm before the window.

Many thanks.

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