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Re: Chinese diesel heater

Posted: 30 Sep 2020, 19:09
by dogbreath100
Sorry , no pictures  . Put the heater under the bed with the pump outside , diesel comes straight from the tank . 
Handy enough to do 

Re: Chinese diesel heater

Posted: 01 Oct 2020, 19:05
by JonB
Jed did a useful youtube for an eber install a few years ago which I followed.

Re: Chinese diesel heater

Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 20:35
by lowtimeppl
I've finished installing one of these today on my 1981 air-cooled camper. It had a 'Remotron' unit (seems to be made by Volvo way back when) installed in the space behind the radiator grille, with a feed from the gas via a manifold under the sink. This didn't not want to work, is well rusty, and is 40 years old now. I don't know when it was last serviced.

I got this 2kW kit for Xmas 2019 and never got around to it; finally did during lockdown Sunday boredom. 

Wired direct to the leisure battery under the passenger seat (must add interruptor switch and replace the 12v wires as they seem a bit thin for the length. And I used some better clamps.

Also, I mades sure I added paste to the exhaust joins; extended the exhaust so it exits just ahead of the passenger side wheel arch, and wrapped the exhaust in heat tape because it runs a bit close to the spare tyre for my liking.

I used the existing footwell outlet from the old install but I'm going to splice the outlet into the bus's own ventilation system so I can direct it a the screen or into the footwells & exit at the back of the floor. No danger of the warm air blowing back toward the engine.

The supplied fuel tank is way too big and I didn't want the stink of diesel in the cab, so I bought a 2.5L tank (Ebay cheap) and put that behind the grille as well...hey, I'll just pop the grill off to chuck in some diesel as and when.

I took some pics, if anyone wants to see them.

Re: Chinese diesel heater

Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 20:50
by R0B
We always want to see pictures.

Re: Chinese diesel heater

Posted: 17 Jan 2021, 21:19
by Mocki