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1985 T25 Devonshire RM122 Fridge Upgrade - Help!

Posted: 17 Jul 2020, 20:27
by my_little_kitty
Hello everyone,

You have been so helpful before and I am so helping you can help me.

So I have a 1984 A Reg Devonshire Conversion.

It had a fridge 'gap' no fridge.
The fridge that fits it is an RM122 Dometic Fridge (£500 thanks!!)
I've bought the fridge but as you probably know (I didn't) I need to upgrade the ventilation as gas regs have changed.

Dometic recommend to install with the RM122 a LS200 and an LS100.

So I've bought these beauties (another £110 quid thanks!) but they are MASSIVE. They just look huge on the side of the van.

I am now bout to get them installed ... Probably at a cost of another £2-300 quid and then a gas cert another £75 ouch!

I am gonna enjoy that glass of cold white wine when I get it! 😂😂😂

So my question is this:

Anyone any experience of this?

Are these the only vent choice or can I go smaller and if so what, bearing in mind they must meet gas regs.

Picture of the vent set I've bought. And a pic of where they will be installed. When they are in they are in!

Any advice or shared experiences gratefully received.


And a POLL

A: cut the bus install the fridge and have my cold wine next weekend

B: spend even more time researching an alternative hope there's one out there and wait until sept.

Thanks so much for all your help in advance I know you are a great bunch ❤️Image

Re: 1985 T25 Devonshire RM122 Fridge Upgrade - Help!

Posted: 18 Jul 2020, 22:15
by my_little_kitty
Hi have I posted in the right place? Seems weird I have no comments or do people not want to talk about fridges? (I understand why not!)

Re: 1985 T25 Devonshire RM122 Fridge Upgrade - Help!

Posted: 26 Feb 2021, 05:54
by Cdm181070

i am having the same problem. I am restoring a T 25 and have got to sort out the fridge. Just wondering if and how you sorted out yours. Don’t really want to fit the massive vents. 

Re: 1985 T25 Devonshire RM122 Fridge Upgrade - Help!

Posted: 26 Feb 2021, 08:45
by Mocki
I never saw the original post , but I will answer now 
you don’t need the huge holes , as long as the fridge can get air flow inside the van , a gap at the bottom between the fridge and the floor and at the either the top of the fridge or at the top of the unit it’s built into , you can add a thermo switched fan to assist . 

you do obviously need the flu out the side of the van , and a drop vent under the fridge out the floor .

you do not need a any habitation cert . 

the single most important thing you must do , weather you use the huge vents or not , it make sure any holes cut into the van are painted before they go cold , certainly within a hour of being cut , so the freshly cut bare metal gets as little exposure to the air as you can , to minimise rusting . Sadly non of the big original converted camper conversions took note of this and the fridge vents caused big bloody damage . 

Re: 1985 T25 Devonshire RM122 Fridge Upgrade - Help!

Posted: 26 Feb 2021, 10:18
by TONYT25T25
My fridge is fitted in the VAN as described by MOCKI with all the gaps and holes as mentioned.  I have seen these larger cuts as pictured by your outline markings but mine has only the hole pictured with a pipe leading up internally from the fridge to the outlet which is then covered with a vent, bit of a fiddle to get the pipe aligned if you have to remove the fridge and reinstall but doable.