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Heater Blower Motor Replacement

Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 14:28
by Splurt
My blower motor has been acting up recently, takes some time to get up to full speed and squeals a bit in doing so.  It's had too many birthdays so replacement is my lock down goal.  My plan is to take the dash out, remove the heater box, replace the motor, replace all foam seals and change to a PWM speed controller.  I have some questions...

The replacement blower motor is approximately £30 from various suppliers.  Brickwerks do a Meyle and a Febi unit, both the same price.  Does anyone have any experience of any of these?  Is there any particular unit/manufacturer that would be preferred?  Has anyone upgraded the blower motor with a more powerful unit?

I have read through CovKids thread on a PWM speed control upgrade.  I like the theory behind this modification but a few things are putting me off.  Can anyone who has done it tell me if the maximum fan speed is the same using a PWM, or did the top speed end up slower?  A question was asked about whether the PWM continues to draw current even when the knob is turned to zero.  Is there any experience of this?  I'm hoping to get one with a dial that clicks off but wanted clarification that this definitely stops any current draw.  Don't want to have to remove the dash again because my battery keeps running flat!

Any knowledge and wisdom greatly appreciated.  


Re: Heater Blower Motor Replacement

Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 14:57
by weimarbus
I did the pwm upgrade a couple of years ago, due to the resistors in the heater box overheating and nearly causing a fire (A piece of paper/ label in the heater box burnt) fan appears to run at max speed and I have had no issues with flat battery although I do  use the hook up from time to time because I have an alarm and immobilizer that do draw slight current( it's ok for a month or so just sitting) I have just fitted a Febi blower motor and the foam kit, (got the Febi one, the Gowesty youtube recommends as this is prebalanced? no vibration anyway) I prefer the pwm control as you can turn it down so that the fan is quiet. Used a controller from fleabay around £7.25 white metal box with circuit drawing on it and i think rated at 20amps from memory. HTH.

Re: Heater Blower Motor Replacement

Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 15:26
by TONYT25T25
I had the same symptoms on mine, before I smelt an electrical odour followed by smoke, switched it off and never got around to replacing it as I cannot get the dash off due to a couple of stubborn screws near the windscreen.  It maybe worth checking if you can get all yours out as part of the preparation.

Re: Heater Blower Motor Replacement

Posted: 12 Jan 2021, 16:58
by Mocki
I used the same PWM controller on my roof fan ( bought it to do the heater fan mod, but the heater fan hasn’t failed yet, the roof fan controller did ) and it’s the one with a solid click off , and it draws nothing when it’s clicked .

cant answer on the fan motor question, mine is febi and still in the box how it arrived from BW 5 years ago ! 

Re: Heater Blower Motor Replacement

Posted: 13 Jan 2021, 21:17
by Splurt
Thanks very much folks, just what I needed to hear!