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Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 04 Jan 2021, 14:37
by Tony Somerset
Hi there. I have a G-reg Autohomes Komet, 1.9 petrol. Last summer I had the "buzzer of doom" problem, The oil warning light and the buzzer came on and stayed on - at first just occasionally, then permanently. I took it to my local garage. Though not VW specialists, they're pretty knowledgeable.

They checked the oil pressure: it was fine. They replaced both oil pressure sensors. It still buzzed. They removed the dash and tried to replace it, thinking it was a PCB error. But the replacement dash didn't fit, and they re-fitted the old one. The problem went away; buzzer didn't sound, the light stayed off. I drove the van about 200 miles on two journeys, with no problems.

Then, before Xmas, going to Cornwall, just before Cullompton - about 25 miles - the effing buzzer sounded again. I turned back and the buzzer stayed on the whole way. It now comes on as soon as I go over about 2000 rpm.

I'm not very mechanically minded, and have come to the end of my tether. HELP! Is there any way of fixing this or of simply shutting up the buzzer?



Re: Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 04 Jan 2021, 15:31
by Mocki
Sadly if it’s coming on at 2000rpm it’s working correctly,at least the actual buzzer and dash are working correctly. your only hope is it’s the wrong sensor or a dirty contact - or it really is low oil pressure .
first thing is to check the wiring in the engine bay , the brown wire from that behind the water pump runs over the lhs head to a two pin white plug where it changes to yellow , this two pin spade plug and socket is known to corrode  and cause false alarms , take it apart and clean the contacts 
also check the actual wires for out insulation damage , where moisture can have got in , making the wiring go high resistance or it’s earthing out .

by your description is think your problem is in the engine bay not at the dash . 

Re: Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 04 Jan 2021, 16:49
by keynsham1
I have the very same problem and it is nothing sinister! It is most likely just the multi pin connector under the dash which plugs into the instrument cluster. Every now and then my buzzer and light start up and I just reach underneath and wiggle the connector. Works every time! I will eventually give it a good clean up but now I know I don't really have either low oil pressure or faulty senders, I don't worry! Next time it happens, give wiggling the connector a try!!

Re: Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 05 Jan 2021, 08:50
by Tony Somerset
Thanks for the replies. I'll go looking for that connector and check the corrosion on the plug & wiring. Once it's warm enough to venture out of the house, that is!

Thanks again. I'll report back when it's fixed.

Re: Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 05 Jan 2021, 13:12
by AngeloEvs
As previousley mantioned, the oil pressure switch near the pulley should be connectng to earth with oil pressure.  If the wiring to this switch is faulty (or the swicth itself) then the warning system will sound at and above 2000 RPM.  Your first check is the wiring and then, if OK,  tesing that the switch is closing (connecting to earth) with the engine running -  this is best carried out with the engine cold to ensure that there is enough oil pressure to close the switch.  With a hot engine, the oil pressure may be slightly below that needed to close the switch.  Also worth noting that there are several switches available with different oil pressure settings.

You can modify the oil pressure LED to operate without the buzzer of doom circuit quite easily, this is how pre 1986 models were wired  and did not have the Warning Buzzer system.   I can post details or link you to a thread if you are ineterested.


Re: Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 05 Jan 2021, 18:04
by Tony Somerset
Thank you, Angelo. Your recommendations are above my technical competence, but thank you all the same. I'll follow up if the suggestions further up don't work.

Re: Buzzer of Doom - again

Posted: 06 Jan 2021, 08:39
by ajsimmo ... -switches/

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