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Westfalia Skylight Seal

Posted: 15 Aug 2020, 09:26
by MidLifeCrisis

With the recent epic rain I have water pouring (well very fast drip) in through the pop top skylight;
Looks like it is coming in between the seal and the actual skylight on the right side (and a slower leak towards the rear)
I did try installing a replacement seal (from BW) a while back but it didn’t really fit nicely and I ended up re-installing the old original one;
Looks like CampervanCulture have a fancy triple seal but it is out of stock;

So I feel like I need a new seal - anyone got any sources for good quality seals?
However on a side note - I think the initial cause of the problem is actually that the roof sags in the middle which lets the water pool around the skylight rather than draining away - any thoughts on that.
But I guess if the seal was good that wouldn’t matter (and with the massive rain right now it’d probably overwhelm it either way)