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Early headertank info please

Posted: 22 Jul 2020, 17:02
by Mocki
Ok, my turn to ask .......

one of our fleet has a Early early water system , very early , the header tank is the old bayonet cap type .
petrol , originally a DF on a Y plate . 
I need to change this to a screw on type header tank , sick to death of duff seals and failing caps . 
my foggy memory tells me that the later early diesel( well one of the diesels) had a screw cap ( Darlek) header tank , but the same size pipe ports as early early WBX but I can’t find any proof of this , more importantly part numbers . 
I really don’t want to go down the bodge-a-pipe route to be able to do this , so can anyone assist ? 

yes I know really we need to be changing the whole water system to late , and indeed we will, but as so much camping time has been wasted this year I don’t want to start a major faff right now ..but it will happen, it’ll have to happen as the front to back pipes will force this sooner than later anyway