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1.8T Clocks

Posted: 06 Oct 2020, 12:15
by Sidyboy75
Hi, I’ve taken on a bit of an unfinished project, a T25 with a 1.8T AGU engine. It is running, but none of the original clocks or gauges work.

Can anyone help with where I would start?

Is this a case of using the clocks from a donor car and coding them to the ecu that’s with the engine?


Re: 1.8T Clocks

Posted: 06 Oct 2020, 12:38
by syncroandy
You could upgrade to later clocks if you wanted, and you'd get several additional features such as the trip computer with MPG and even distance-to-empty on the later ones. I do a kit for this, see my website.

But if you wanted to stick with the standard instruments that's possible. The engine would need two two oil switches fitted, you'd need the standard coolant shortage sender, and you'd need to fit a suitable coolant temp sender somewhere into the 1.8T coolant system. Then it's just a matter of connecting them up to the main harness at the junction-box in the engine bay. If you have a (petrol) revcounter, the 1.8T ECU can drive that, but a modification may be needed to get it to work, as normally its driven by the coil terminal 1 (negative).

The connections in the engine-bay are:

T7a/1 - Oil presure switch 0.3bar to dash panel (Blue/Black 0.5mm)
T7a/2 - Coolant temp. guage sender to dash panel (Yellow/Red 0.5mm)
T7a/3 - Coolant shortage sender to dash panel (Blue/Green 0.5mm)
T7a/4 - Ground connection for junction box to engine bay ground (Brown 1.5mm)
T7a/5 - Coil term 1 to rev. counter (Green)
T7a/6 - Eng. start (Term 50) from Ig. switch (Black/Red) to ECM and ISV control box
T7a/7 - Oil presure switch 0.9bar to dash panel (Yellow 0.5mm)


Re: 1.8T Clocks

Posted: 06 Oct 2020, 13:46
by Sidyboy75
Thank you so much!!

It seems you provide exactly what I need. I’ll contact you via email.