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Which oil pressure switch?

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 16:21
by Mark S
There is always oil inside the boot of my oil pressure switch atop the filter mounting and so I suspect it might be leaking.  Should be simple job to replace but I see that Brickie is selling four switches of different colours, the only difference between them I can see being operating pressure (0.25 up to 1.8 bar IIRC).  I'm guessing I will want the black (1.4 bar) or white (1.8 bar).  Any pointers?

Running a 1.9TD AAZ using a JX-type setup.  Cheers.

Re: Which oil pressure switch?

Posted: 05 Sep 2020, 20:43
by Aidan
td use a grey 0.9 for a quiet life, a black 1.4 if the engine is really good, you could get both and see if the 1.4 works even when really hot and bothered, if it doesn't then put the grey one in, if that dosen't work engine is pretty tired

Re: Which oil pressure switch?

Posted: 06 Sep 2020, 09:34
by Mark S
Great, many thanks. I had a bottom end rebuild and a new head a few years ago and have not done big mileage since, so the lump should be in pretty good nick. I’ll try 1.4 in that case, I think