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Welcome to Club 80-90

For owners and lovers of VW T25 (T3) vans

Club 80-90 is an online community of T25 owners and enthusiasts. The name ‘Club 80-90’ stems from the fact that theT25 (T3) was mainly produced from 1980 to 1990. We have an international membership, so someone is normally close at hand if you need any advice, assistance or just a chat.

Many of our members love camping and enjoy attending VW shows, rallies as well as meets organised by the club. However other members come on here mainly for technical help or to buy and sell vans or parts. If you click on the ‘Forums’ link above this takes you to our many technical forums as well as ‘General Chat’, where you can introduce yourself. The club is informal, it has no committees or fees, although of necessity we occasionally ask for donations to pay for online hosting and support.

About registering with the forum and club membership

Registering on the forum is not the same as joining the club. To join the actual club, you have to be a registered member of the forum. This is easy, so just click on the ‘Register’ link near the top right of this screen and then follow the instructions. To become a full member* of the club, once logged in, click on the membership link on the top menu bar and complete the form. When your membership application has been processed you will receive your membership number in the 'Welcome email'.

*See membership page for benefits.

Technical help

As well as the technical forums there is a comprehensive Technical Wikipedia, as well as a technical archive where you can find historic answers to a variety of recurring issues as well as project write-ups.

On the top menu there is also a link to the Syncronauts website. They are a club formed originally of 80-90 Syncro owning members. The Syncronauts are affiliated to the MSA in order to organise their own off-road meetings and this requires a more formal setup with a committee. Most use the Syncro forum on Club 80-90 to discuss meetings and technical issues specific to these 4WD vehicles.