Tacho options for a petrol dash?

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Re: Tacho options for a petrol dash?

Post by bigbadbob76 »

I've hopefully got it so it doesn't accumulate distance below 2mph. :ok
We'll see when I get a chance to test properly.
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Re: Tacho options for a petrol dash?

Post by Claudio ZAMPIERI »

Hi Chris

My my tachy not works you have a solution :(
I can send you some pictures or if you want or I send you my speedo to do another one
I thank you for kindly answering me
I can paypal by Paypal
please please reply

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Re: Tacho options for a petrol dash?

Post by Funkyoid »

Why has this stopped. It was a bloody good read and really interesting (even if I didn’t understand 99% of it)

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Re: Tacho options for a petrol dash?

Post by ViktorK »

CJH wrote: 23 Jul 2018, 21:38
CJH wrote: I think I'm nearly ready to go with an order for a prototype PCB.


I placed an order for 10 of these last night. They're already 77% complete - just waiting to be cut to shape, inspected and then shipped. Back in the day it used to take Boots longer to make 24 prints from a roll of film.


May I ask if the tacho PCBs are available?

Thank you

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