Gear/Clutch problems

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Gear/Clutch problems

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Hi, New to forum & my T25.
Have just recently brought a 1990 Westfalia California. This vehicle has had a upgraded engine from the original 1.6D to 1.9TDI (engine code AHU) but with original gearbox, every thing was going great, had our first three trips away no problem, when at home I have to leave vehicle on a step drive so always leave in reverse gear, anyway the next mourning I was unable to remove reverse gear without great effort after which I could not get reverse or first, on occasions reverse possible but clutch seems to be slipping.
I have looked into the engine conversion & have been informed the clutch should have been upgraded (BUT WHAT TO), this i appreciate due to the increase in torque from the TDI, what I dont understand is that I got no symptom of clutch slip on my previous travel.
Can any one help or inform me of a mechanic/garage in Leicester/Loughborough that deals with T25.

Many regards
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Re: Gear/Clutch problems

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A few options with the clutch. I myself have been driving TDI engined van for the last couple of years and having had to replace engine recently after crank pulley came loose, I now know from inspecting it during the engine change that am on a standard non turbo 1.6D flywheel and 215mm clutch. Have not had any problems running this including climbing 1in4 hills but generally I try to be sympathetic to the drivetrain. When I put the new engine in I did consider using the larger flywheel/pressure plate the TDI engine came with but would have needed a 228mm clutch plate from a 2.1 petrol van to match the gearbox input shaft and this looked hard to find for the plate only. Would also have needed a slight modification to the starter motor and the deeper flywheel would have meant I would loose access to the front sump nuts while it was fitted. So I made decision to stick with the standard 1.6 diesel clutch and kept the TDI parts in case I ever need to change my mind.

If you wanted to stay with the original TDI clutch plate then another option was to change the gearbox input shaft for a modified one with the correct spline count. More expense there but may give option of finding stronger clutches should you need the performance.

Sorry I can't help too much with your immediate problem of gear selection and why your clutch slipping now after parking in gear as I'm no proper mechanic.
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