1.9TDi AHF engine into a T25 Petrol

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1.9TDi AHF engine into a T25 Petrol

Post by jonnyg »

I have possibly got access to a golf mk4 1.9 AHF engine complete in the car (cars gearbox has gone) and im after a new engine for my T25 so was thinking on combining the two...

Electrically im confident, I have an awsome auto-electrician working for me and im pretty handy myself so am comfortable with that bit but I have got a few questions...

Gearbox adaptors, do they do these already for the AH series of diesels?
What engine mount options are there or would I be figuring that out as I fit it?
Can I mount it upright or would I have to canter? And if im cantering whats best with sumps, dry sump maybe??
What gearbox options are there? I want low ratios for a TDi really...
Anything else you know that would be of help?

Cheers for any help, mucho appreciated