aaz engine white/ light grey smoke?

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aaz engine white/ light grey smoke?

Post by conkers »

Hi my t25 diesel has started kicking out white, sometimes slightly grey smoke on start up and going up hill.... i suspect unburnt diesel and therefore injectors?
Strangely my daily driver, a diesel *whispers shame-faced* avensis has been doing the same thing, but with a slight blue tinge.
Any advice? :)

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Re: aaz engine white/ light grey smoke?

Post by ..lee.. »

general rule.
white/grey = water burnt
black = fuel unburnt
blue = oil burnt.

is there excessive pressure in the water pipes / water loss.

??? both cars doing it ???? bad fuel.
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Re: aaz engine white/ light grey smoke?

Post by weldore »

found this the other day

http://www.uniteddiesel.co.uk/diesel-engine-smoke.php" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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