Security Systems

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Security Systems

Post by Brighton Breeze »

Hi all,

Just bought my first VW T25, its an 1981 watercooled 1600 petrol, Autosleeper. and I'm loving it!

Problem is i'm sure other peeps would be loving it too, so I was wondering if anyone had some advice with ways to secure / immobilise / alarm as would be gutted if nicked!


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Re: Security Systems

Post by camper »

Its not a question that can be answered without giving information away .Theres the antitheft commercial products you can make inquires about or think up your own device or methods of deterence .What i will say is apart from removing the steering and road wheels a determined thief will find a solution .Ive got a few tricks installed in my van in hope i can stop it being taken or may be recovered after driven off.

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Re: Security Systems

Post by Cruz »

There are mobile fitters on ebay offering everything from immobilisers to top alarm systems.

Start with the visual like wheel locks etc etc

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Re: Security Systems

Post by eatcustard »

Its more how much do you want to spend?

and VW dont do a 1.6 watercooled petrol engine, Its going to be a 1.9 or a non VW engine" onclick=";return false; PM me for your 10% discount