Granada 15" rims

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Granada 15" rims

Post by roobarbncustard »

Have just been given some early Granada alloys (think they are early 90s), they come complete with 205\60 x15 tyres BUT i have alternative plans for them for our Eurovette camper. The van already sits standard height but we are going for the tougher look....just modified a bull bar from a Landrover to fit the front and really wanted AT/MT tyres to fit on the Ford wheels.
We tend to drive a lot on moorland and the Highlands for camping etc and the back tyres always spin up on wet grass, getting clogged with mud so easily. Is my idea practical to fit something like 195/80R15 KINGPIN TRACKER MT MUD TERRAIN 4x4 TYRES or Insa Turbo 4x4MT tyres. I kow they are more 80% off road 20% on road but we live 2 mins from Dartmoor and are always sliding across the moors somewhere.....
what do you think?

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Re: Granada 15" rims

Post by kevtherev »

I think you need to fit a differential lock to your transmission... ask about it in the syncro forum

the tyre(if it fit) would spin up just as badly because you have a limited slip differential

either that or sell it and buy a Syncro (westy)
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