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205/80R14 tyres on a T25?

Posted: 02 Nov 2010, 15:12
by thebobster
I used to own a 1968 T2 bay Dormobile to which I fitted some newish 8ply 205/80R14 tyres from a LT35 van which was being scrapped as it had died. (I got the tyres in exchange for towing the van to the scrapyard and weighing it in - I took the wheels off the van while it was in the air on the crane before being dropped into the crusher - the crane driver was bemused by the performance!) Being a hard-up kid (in 1984) running the camper on a shoestring, I was not too fussy about the niceties and technical subtleties - all I knew was that the tyres fitted on my standard steel rims and did not rub the bodywork or suspension. I ran them at 55 psi all round and they worked fine.
My question is this as I am contemplating the purchase of a rather gorgeous T25 Holdsworth Vision (Almost a certainty now) in the near future (and not off fleabay either!) I would like feedback from any technical types reading this as to whether or not this tyre arrangement would also work on the T25 since I do not wish to go the route of messing around with alloy wheels and spacers and other nonsense but I would feel happier with some decent van rubber under me.

Re: 205/80R14 tyres on a T25?

Posted: 02 Nov 2010, 15:49
by BALDY3260
hi bobster and welcome, should be fine, about 5% bigger rolling radius than standard ( will probs make your speedo more accurate and cruising revs slightly lower) get some pics up
usefull info at the bottom of this page ... ltwhls.htm

Re: 205/80R14 tyres on a T25?

Posted: 02 Nov 2010, 18:37
by peasant
205 (80) R 14 C was optional on some Syncros and should also fit on a 2WD without rubbing.
The issue is your engine/gearbox combination. As the diameter is 5% bigger than 185/14 you need a beefy engine / good gearbox combo not to loose out on speed.

A weedy 50PS diesel for example couldn't hack those tyres. (and even the TD is probably happier wit the smaller rubbers)

Re: 205/80R14 tyres on a T25?

Posted: 02 Nov 2010, 19:50
by thebobster
Thanks for the welcome and the reassurance. At least I know I won't be wasting money on useless tyres. My old Lotiie (My 1968 Dormobile - so called because she was Lot No. 11E at the auction where I bought her for £230.) had a 1600 air-cooled engine with less than mind blowing performance. She coped all right with her big boots on and even used to go quite happily over the Cat and Fiddle pass with 6 people on board, so I don't think I need to worry about power fade as I am now mostly on my own and the Holdsworth has a 1.9 water cooled mill coupled to a 5 speed manual box. If I allow a little leeway with the speedo, I should be able to keep the speed legal. Are there any other issues with this tyre / vehicle combination of which I should be aware?