Westfalia door panel

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Westfalia door panel

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I need to replace the mdf/ply door panel that covers the sliding door on my Westy. Does anyone know of where I can get a replacement?

I've seen JK do panels but I'm not sure if they're the same (in terms of fixing holes etc) as the Westy ones - has anyone tried them?

Also, the Westy ones have some kind of textured coating .. if anyone has matched that with anything it'd be useful to know

Many thanks

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Re: Westfalia door panel

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Link here with somewhere to get the covering material - at least for the early Westy with the beige colour interior. There will be somewhere on 80-90 too with this info.

http://www.brick-yard.co.uk/forum/early ... 82642.html

As for the panel itself I think it will be difficult to get the exact size as if your van the same as mine the top edge fits in a channel. I bought a panel from C&C here and expect other suppliers will have similar

http://www.customandcommercial.com/vw-t ... oor_cards/

It is not an exact fit in the Westy as I will need to trim it on the top edge so it fits the channel and will the extra holes drilled if you want to use the same clips as the original. I've had the panel a while - just never got round to fitting it.
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Re: Westfalia door panel

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Dead easy.....Take off your existing panel and use it as a template...get a sheet of 3.6mm ply larger than the panel, lay it on top and draw round it (mark out the panel clip holes too...)
If you want to wrap the panel in vinyl or cloth then mark a line 2mm or so inside the outline of the original panel. Cut out the shape from the ply.
Just done the whole interior panels on our westy in ivory vinyl. The bracket needed teasing open slightly to take the new panel but the rest fitted a treat.

The textured stuff is the Murano wallpaper, see link, and is a very close match to the original. We opted for vinyl as we have a crazy dog and thought it would wear better.
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