slide out bed section...

The Tardis factor (interiors , awnings, roofs etc)

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slide out bed section...

Post by lloydy »

never actually thought you could get one? ... 1312526561" onclick=";return false;
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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by eiret25 »

Same as. I wonder would there be a market for reproductions?
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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by slippy8v »

modern version link, but like the idea for the T25 though.Might not be to hard to make. ... -campervan" onclick=";return false;
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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by Tufty_B »

Someone is already on the case and looking at making one of these, see the thread Weight of rear door with glass in

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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by billy739 »

I presume this is the one that appeared in a blue camper several times on ebay . I almost went for it to fit in my T25 trailer / caravan but the van although a resto project went for silly money!

maybe a good idea , cant decide , depends how well made and secure/ water tight it is!

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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by tforturton »

I was looking at this on ebay, trying to figure out how the thing worked. Never seen one before.
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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by chuckle-bus-tom »

I've already been out measuring up the van! I think it's awesome and I'd love to be able to sleep laying straight in the van!


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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by GMAN140 »

Not too keen on that but i would like the canvas rear extension from the bay westy.

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Re: slide out bed section...

Post by poshbuggers »

Not sure if the seller got rid or not. I expressed an interest as I like the version ADS built in the 80's. ... or%201.jpg ... eite06.JPG

I have a few more images if anyone wants to look further.

This 'Shadow' thing is a bit of a mystery. A lot of research later and I still don't know who made it. It doesn't seem to be of German origin as no-one I consider a T3 expert there seems to have a clue about it either.

I was just going to get it to evaluate the construction and measure it. Sadly it was either sold before the auction end or the seller pulled it.

Much as I like the concept I question it's practicality other than for extending the bed space (which any R&R bed offers). If you used it for storage it could be an encumberance when needing to access the engine. Removing it to work on it would become a bind I am sure.

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