ZIG CF5 - wiring up leisure battery.

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ZIG CF5 - wiring up leisure battery.

Post by VeraV »

Hi :D - Firstly - Would just like to say 'Hello' - there is a wealth of info & adv on here so I registered to see if I could gain some (have learned a lot this morning) - and perhaps one day share some :D

I have a 1980 Viking Xplorer (Motorhomes International) & I'm trying to wire up a leisure battery.
Battery in place :ok wires in place ready to be connected :ok located aux terminals in zig 3(-) 4(+) :ok

:? There are wires in terminals 3 & 4 that run to the main battery :?

My question is do I disconnect them and swap for aux wires or add aux wires to terminals?

Thanks - in anticipation.
Ps I will be a happy girl if I manage to achieve this elec jobbie

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Re: ZIG CF5 - wiring up leisure battery.

Post by MidLifeCrisis »

Hi - the short answer is 'Yes' disconnect the main battery connection to terminals 3,4 and connect the leisure instead.

Take a look at this;
http://www.freewebs.com/12voltsdc/Zig%2 ... %20PDF.pdf

Shows that terminals 1,2 should be the main battery and 3,4 should be the aux (lesiure) battery.

In theory you could (and probably should) be using a common earth so that the leisure battery negative terminal is connected to a bare piece of metal near the battery location and then terminal 3 of the CF5 is also connected to a bare piece of metal near the CF5 (thus using the van as a common ground) - (also less wiring!!)
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