Rear Tailgate Lock Help Required please

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Rear Tailgate Lock Help Required please

Post by willst25van »

I  hope i have put this in the right section as im new to this forum. I recently bought my T25 van and have noticed the rear tailgate lock isnt working. After inspecting it ive noticed its a central locking one (none of the central locking is working) 

I want to replace the lock but i wondered if anyone on here can tell me if i can uses a non central locking lock instead? Im not fussed about the central locking as it doesnt work anyway

I really appreciate any help people can give me

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Re: Rear Tailgate Lock Help Required please

Post by nobbyfox »

Hello and welcome to the Forum.
I have a Westy and you do not need to open the drivers door to access the rear. Just turn key in rear lock and open manually. You may have the same type so no need to replace if you really do not need to.

Hope that helps

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