cu. wont climb hills

Big lumps of metals and spanners.

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Re: cu. wont climb hills

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At worse ya camshaft could have got to its final point of wear on the lobes this happend to me on the way to germany a few years back. Managed to limp it back home. Rebuilt the motor and now have the old cam mounted on a wooden plinth. Type IV Aircooled motors are well known for heavy wear on camshafts.

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Re: cu. wont climb hills

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Lol kipper, I remember that, hard to believe it still ran with those virtually "ground round" lobes!
More likely for the OP is carb balancing, and ignition timing. They are both usually out.
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Re: cu. wont climb hills

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I have booked the van in with steve at gasure for a service, take it to a man that knows could be the best answer. Thanks again for all the suggestion.
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