T25 1982 1.6 turbo diesel - overheating issue - Help!

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T25 1982 1.6 turbo diesel - overheating issue - Help!

Post by Lucielou25 »

So we finally did it and spent our saving on our dream...... But......

2 miles driving it home and she overheated and burst the water coolant hose, we have now replaced this and still overheating.

There is a manual fan on the dash that needs to be used to cool the water-cooled engine but this doesn't seem to having an effect and again she overheats. The engine has been reconditioned twice once in 2006 and again in 2011, being no expert myself but trying to research, some parts don't look genuine especially the header tank, which has a narrow hole connecting the coolant hose....

We are totally new to campering but has been our dream, and despite the dread of what may be next we are determined that she will run and give us the memories we are looking forward to......so....... Has anyone come across this problem and does it sound like it's the thermastat? Radiator? Or dare I say worse?

I am hoping there is someone that could offer some advice for things we can try to eliminate the worst case scenarios.

Thanks guys

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Re: T25 1982 1.6 turbo diesel - overheating issue - Help!

Post by Twffr »

Coolant circulation can be checked by feeling pipes going to and from radiator under the van. Radiator can be checked by noting temperature at different points: cool spots could indicate blockage.

What are the signs of overheating? Temperature gauge reading, overheat warning light? Water boiling through expansion tank? Steam escaping through hose joints?

Is there enough water is the system because it is easy to create airlocks? Is there a stream of bubbles in the system that could indicate a failed head gasket?

A photo of the suspect header tank would be useful.

There are so many possible causes of overheating that giving general advice isn't that helpful and investigations need to be methodical. Try to find someone on here that is near to you that could take a look is my best advice!
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