Today's efforts

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Today's efforts

Post by aruntaylor »

Today I managed to:

New breather valves and seals, inspected and re fitted breather pipes.
New sender and seals and cleaned up connections.
Re fit tank with stainless straps
Fit filler pipe and seal and breather and plastic trim

Drivers side:
Re fit trailing arm with new bolts ( new bushes fitted last month )
New Spring/plates/shock/bolts
Hub etc ( new bearings fitted last month ) new washers
Complete brakes fitted ( rebuilt new last month) new bolts, braided hose, new brake pipe.

Feel pretty satisfied and pleased with myself. Just have to do the other side.


The trailing arms were a bitch took ages of wiggling and jacking and a ratchet strap. I think the bushes were not the best fitted, I would recommend anyone doing this to really get the bushes in perfectly.

The tank straps with the welded bolts are different lengths which I didn't notice until I had it in and all the straps bolted in, so I had to take the tank out and start again to swap them around. I also didn't fit the tank to filler breather until it was all fitted which was also a mistake as it was tucked behind the shock turret. Very fiddly waste of 45 minutes. I also should have put the filler tube loosely in place before the tank as again a real pig to fit.

I'm also doing all this in an open ended leaky barn full of hay, 3 tractors and a 50's bus.

I have a couple questions.

There is breather pipe visible in picture. Does this just hang or does it have a routing?
The shifter cup, does this come of the linkage by taking out the drift pin up? Or down?

Regards to all.


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Re: Today's efforts

Post by fairwynds »

What van you got there? Fuel tank in back?
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Re: Today's efforts

Post by lloydy »

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Re: Today's efforts

Post by syncropaddy »

fairwynds wrote:What van you got there? Fuel tank in back?

This post is a week early!

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Re: Today's efforts

Post by garyd »

fairwynds wrote:What van you got there? Fuel tank in back?

Not a van at all. it has to be a Doka or Sinka with that filler pipe route.

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