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Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 16:49
by joker
I think my fan relay has gone up the swanny (no 5)
The engine on my 2.1 is running hotter and the fan is not coming on. :cry:
Checked the fan and seems fine but have noticed the relay clicking.. :shock:
Does anybody know where i can get one from :?: :cry:

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 16:53
by Simon Baxter
Never had to replace a relay, most probably the switch in the radiator. i fit boat loads of those.

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 17:04
by joker
Should i get one from justkampers..
If i unscrew it from the rad should i just lose what water comes out and then replace??
Will i get a airlock??

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 17:09
by Simon Baxter
GSF sell them, they are fairly reliable.
VW sell them, and there will be a dealer in a town near you.
JustKampers, yep, they will do them.
Most motor factors sell them, or will be able to get you one..

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 17:11
by joker
Trouble is why have i got a relay clicking too!! :roll:

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 17:30
by Ivor Brownun
most likely a good idea to change the seal at the same time

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 17:35
by joker
Is this the dual thermo switch
and is it a copper washer seal??/

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 17:49
by Simon Baxter
Seal should come with new sender.
Take off grill, pull plug off.
Bridge wires out, doesn't matter which, if the fan doesn't run, try a different combination.
You should get a low speed and a high speed.
if it does, then your switch is knackered, if it doesn't your problem is elsewhere.
In 2 years of fixing mostly T3's for a living I have yet to find a fan problem other than a faulty switch.
Im not saying there isn't a problem elsewhere, just in my experience very unlikely.

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 18:27
by joker
Just took the bus out and the heat gauge has gone to the top and the water light is flashing :cry:
On inspection the water level is fine and the engine dosent seem over hot..
Could this be down to the rad switch as ive not heard it cut in!!
Tested the fan as you said and it works fine....