Rusty roof chop

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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by rollercoaster »

I don't know if we are getting confused here,
the lower vents feed (?) the engine bay for cooling..
On my truck at least (syncro) the higher vents feed the cool air in,
through the closed chassis sections to the engine inlet.
That is on one side only, nothing doing on the other side.
I doubt wether air for the cooling could channel that way,
feels to me as though its as much for convection..
which is to mean cooling by hot air rising, (when stationary)
as anything else, and may also help generally.

There is a weird back pressure as you drive,
as anyone who has driven with back door open might know,
pushes air in forwards from the back and possibly out the side vents.
Which is why engine seal/door seals (on vans) are very important,
if you dont want to breath engine fumes.

All important considerations come to think of it,
in your thoughts, designs and finishing details.

As ever, happy to bow to anyones better understanding,
most of that is intuition or guesswork!

On the hot engine subject and pickup bed..
its often a bit of a struggle dealing with the heat.
I carry all sorts of loads and fairly often they dont want to get cooked.
Which they do, roasted, if placed on the rear half of the load bed.
Just in case that affects your thinking things through..
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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by syncropatrick »

Found this on Fb.
Wanted: offside part of full-height walk-through bulkhead behind front seat: 251 863 170

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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by davidoft1 »

syncropatrick wrote: 11 Sep 2020, 07:27 Found this on Fb.

thats not half bad you know :)

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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by ajsimmo »

davidoft1 wrote:
syncropatrick wrote: 11 Sep 2020, 07:27 Found this on Fb.

thats not half bad you know :)
I know. Didn't want to admit it in public in case I was alone, but I think it nearly works.

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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by syncroandy »

I'm with aj, at looks neat. At first glance..

But then I start to get very concerned about how the heck the passengers are supposed to get in, and out...

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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by BigBlueVan »

Regarding the floor panel removal did you brace anything up, I have a similar situation where I want replace the whole lot with my own panels, was worried things might twist if I just hack it out! I can see this being my Xmas job.

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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by mike.g »


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Re: Rusty roof chop

Post by mike.g »

Well, I haven’t disappeared, I’ve been having trouble getting on the site since just before Christmas and I’m not sure why but, it appears that I’m back - hence the check above!

Although nothing structural has happened- no more welding and a house purchase and associated work has taken priority, I have been tinkering and plotting away, behind the scenes!

I’ve given up on the idea of making a bulkhead and I’m going to utilise the tailgate to form part of the bulkhead as I’ve seen it done on a couple of places and it looks ok, I think?

I’ve encountered a bit of a snag re the rear floor as I was hoping to use the inner floor repair panels but, the profiling is slightly different so I need to thing how to do the floor as I was after a ‘factory’ look.

I’m hopefully going to have a couple of hours this weekend to cut up the rear roof section and tailgate panel from the donor van to see about making the bulkhead - fingers crossed.

On a positive note, I’ve fitted a Porsche steering wheel to it so, it’s bound to go faster now but, I won’t be able to steer at low speeds!!

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