Syncropendence 2017 Communal meal

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Re: Syncropendence 2017 Communal meal

Post by silverbullet »

I will grab a few bits on our Friday supermarket sweep too.
Weather looking cool to ok, so a good wad of pittas to stuff with things?

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Re: Syncropendence 2017 Communal meal

Post by bene »

We are looking at making a couple of greek style omlettes... will bring pittas to warm (burn) on the frontier stove...
Is Humus greek? i hate the stuff but if so, will bring some pots from the supermarche and the pitta can be used as dippers?
Unfortunately we have had no time (as usual) to look into this, but will try to do something! ha ha!
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Re: Syncropendence 2017 Communal meal

Post by Benjdaben »

Mushroom Stifado (vegan & gluten free)

Almond Cookies (vegan & gluten free)

Lagana bread made with spelt's meant to be a flatbread!!!

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Re: Syncropendence 2017 Communal meal

Post by syncroandy »

Sounds good !

If anyone needs a bread warming/baking facility, I was recently given a little 'Flavel Vanessa' cooker which I'll be bringing.
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