Mendipidy - The aftermath (or should it be apocalypse)

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Re: **Booking now open ** Mendipidy 2016 - Weekend of April 30th

Post by PeteandNikki »

I'd also like to add our thanks to all for making us welcome on the only day we managed to make it (Saturday)

It was all a bit of a last minute thing as we only got the Doka a few weeks ago. We would have liked to do the 3-days but had other long-standing arrangements For the other days.

Great to meet a nice bunch of folk and have a bit of fun in the new truck. It's fired us with enthusiasm and we are looking forward now to syncropendance.

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Re: **Booking now open ** Mendipidy 2016 - Weekend of April 30th

Post by HarryMann »

Despite being B&B bound at nights and minds Focused on another priority ...

..we had a fantastic time and was good to see an enthusiastic turnout.
Well done to all who made the effort whatever the distance, difficulties or disasters on the way.

A good few were without our Syncros which always means a great opportunity for jumping into others with always something to learn... they're all different as are the approaches to driving terrain.
Welcome Peter Nikki & family...

Excellent social both Sat & Sunday night oop pub and around the fire at a very classy campsite and some very challenging new lanes driven brilliantly by all on Sunday.
Isn't the Chew valley a tasty place... :cry:

Thanks to Patrick, Richard & Mark for their time spent organising everything and recce'ing.
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Re: Mendipidy - The aftermath (or should it be apocalypse)

Post by JennyTyger »

Better late than never a gallery of photos on the syncronauts website: ... ipidy-2016

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Re: Mendipidy - The aftermath (or should it be apocalypse)

Post by syncropatrick »

Good pics!

You may know Mendips are good for caves. You may not know the event site is on top of a cave! We were driving very close to the entrance without realising it. ... Cavern.TIF
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