Thread pitch on Engine Studs

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Thread pitch on Engine Studs

Post by Stesaw »

As the title says, a while back with my 2.1 build I dropped the case off to a local reccomended engine shop for them to take the broken studs out.

They removed all but one of the mating studs in the case half that has them all in as they couldn't drill out the broken studs with them in, however they couldn't get one out and bent it out of line while also buggering the thread a bit. Overall I wasn't impressed as not only that some of the other threads had been squashed where they must have used a stud remover and they'd also damaged the case at the bottom by winding in a stud instead of removing it.

As I need to make sure that I can get the right torque values I need those threads cleaned and I've been looking at using a thread file rather than a tap/dye. I was wondering if any of you chaps knew what thread pitch they are so I know what file to get that has the right pitch on.

Might be a dumb question as the files have a range of pitches on but I'd just want to be sure.

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Re: Thread pitch on Engine Studs

Post by Aidan »

standard M10 x 1.5mm

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