Fire suppression systems

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Fire suppression systems

Post by xs1100515 »

Forgive me if this has been covered before. Considering the number of busses self immolating I am sure it has been.

I've looked on Wiki and searched technical but cannot find anything.

Does anyone have any information of fire suppression systems or know of anyone who specialised on installation?

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Re: Fire suppression systems

Post by R0B »

I have a blaze cut in mine it's attached to the underside of the engine lid.Image
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Re: Fire suppression systems

Post by patrickpawsey »

You can get kits designed for boat engine bays from marine Chandlers if you want some variety of examples. I think in a bus bay you would definitely want something with a trace tube so the basic fire extinguishers which goes pop when it gets hot might be a bit basic but might be worth a look in case there's something good value.

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