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Having spent weeks now looking at wheels tyres etc. I think I now know what wheels and tyres I want.
I currently have the stock 14” wheels on my VW T25 Westfalia 1.6td hightop joker.
What I want to get is 15” Steelies and 215/75/r15 all terrain tyres because I like the look plus even though it’s a 2wd I will be going off-road sometimes.
Would I be correct in saying that these are the largest wheels/tyres I can have without doing any mods?

I don’t want to go 16” wheels as that would mean lowering the sidewall of the fitted tyre 215/70/r16. Higher sidewall means extra comfort I’m led to believe.

If the above is correct then what steelies/all terrain tyres do people recommend? I’ve been looking at Mefro steel wheels but they seem very hard to get. Tyre wise bf Goodrich/General Grabbers at3 are two that I’ve noticed.

Thanks Gerard

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