Only Mercedes rims in here!

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Re: Only Mercedes rims in here!

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Old post but might help someone. 
Mercedes Toliman off W211 (E Class Mercedes) 16 X 7J ET33  Circa early to mid 90's are the only Toliman to be a straight fit using original rear studs & no spacers (the nuts go on 8 full turns) 
These wheels already have 14mm mount holes so don't need drilling
Fronts need M14 X 1.5 X 28mm thread R14 Radiused
All Radiused seat R14 (nuts & bolts)
Tyres: 205/65 R16C Fit 215's might but would be close.
The only messing about is you will need to find raised center caps front & rear I found these which were a very good fit from a trailer supplies in Nottingham:
72mm dia. hub cap suitable for Ifor Williams trailers made from 1981 up to September 1992 that were fitted ALKO brakes and tapered roller bearings.
P.I.K trailers Calverton Nottingham. You want the cheaper version without logo. I paid £16 for 4 but I did collect (they are an ebay seller)

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Re: Only Mercedes rims in here!

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CLK rims on my bus.
205/55-16. Tyres fitted.
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Re: Only Mercedes rims in here!

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Hi Martin any photos? Of your wheels
Vw T25 1.9 TD Z1 hightop rusty but Less rusty than when I got it. lol: 😊

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Re: Only Mercedes rims in here!

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Synkraut wrote: 26 May 2016, 20:21 Hey Titus,
don't mean to hijack this thread for problems that people from the UK have never had but: these rims are a straight fit (apart from the nuts/bolts) and are 15" which means your choice of tires is much larger than with the standard 14" ones. Since the load rating in Germany is mucho important for the TÜV/Dekra engineers these rims have become quite popular for the T25. The original Mercedes parts number is 1264002802. However, there were three different manufacturers that produced steel rims for Mercedes at that time (Lemmerz, Südrad and Kronprinz). Only Kronprinz marketed their rims both for use on the S-Class Mercedes and for use on Trailers. That is why they issued a document that states that the wheel can take certain loads up to certain speeds. While all three manufacturors have a load rating of 560-590kg with no speed limit, only Kronprinz states that they will do 700kg up to 130Km/H and even more (I'd have to look it up) up to 100Km/H.

With this document, most of the T25 guys I know had no problems getting the wheels accepted/eingetragen. In my case, I had to go to a second TÜV station: the first one I asked was really knowledgeable: He told me I might as well wipe my behind with the document from Kronprinz as it does not state what size tires it was tested with and as the load rate depends on the overall diameter of the wheel,... blablabla. I actually called Kronprinz and asked them about this. They told me that the rule requiring the manufacturors to state the tire size is from 1999 ans since they stopped producing that specific rim years earlier they would certainly not try to obtain new documents for it. They told me the TÜV engineer was obviously a narrowminded pr*ck and I should go to an other TÜV station. I followed their advice and had no problems there at all - all legal now :D

The essence of my long expanation is: even if the wheels from the other two manufacturers might be just as strong as the Kronprinz ones are, they have no document to prove it so - at least in Germany - you should look for wheels with the KPZ 6222A branding

E D I T: I could send you the Kronprinz document if you want

This is interesting, but has anyone ever seen or even heard of a correctly torqued steel rim collapsing?
I've never seen it on any dodgy YouTube video.
Saw a pic one once, but that still had the shape of the 40mph kerb profile in it! Lol

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Re: Only Mercedes rims in here!

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California Dreamin wrote: 22 Oct 2020, 01:09 Old post but might help someone. 
Mercedes Toliman off W211 (E Class Mercedes) 16 X 7J ET33 .......

Thanks Martin, its just helped me....a lot  :ok


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