Stained Devon roof vinyl

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Stained Devon roof vinyl

Post by NathanW »

Hi all,

Ive just purchased a 1984 Holdsworth conversion which has a Devon side elevated pop to roof fitted. The vinyl is ok condition but has some brown staining that I’m struggling to shift. It had a sticky feel to it so i thought it could be the vinyl degrading or maybe tree sap. Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for looking

H Julia
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Re: Stained Devon roof vinyl

Post by H Julia »

Hi , I had the same problem. what I discovered is that the stain fades significantly in sunlight .
I found it disappeared almost completely over a week or so when left open and in sunlight. It then reappeared when the roof was left closed for weeks/months. It is a sort of iron mould I think and I discovered that it seemed to have developed from the metal handle inside to pull the roof down which had some rust on it. I wonder if the stickiness on your vinyl has been left by previous efforts to clean the vinyl.
Cheers , Julia
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