holdsworth villa 1 pop top replacement.

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holdsworth villa 1 pop top replacement.

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Imageevening all, 

very new to this, probs my first post since i joined in 2013. 

i have a x reg 2.0l Aircooled twin sliding door and ive converted it heavily myself. was a micro bus i guess but ive made it a day van/camper and ive put a holdsworth villa 1 poptop on it. ive done it to remeber my grandad and the one he had when i was younger. ive had it for 17 yrs now, used and abused it for 10 of them, then kids came and its been in a lockup since then. just got it out now as they are older and want them to love it as much as i do.

any way i bought the pop top about 8 yrs ago and fitted it but now the pvc plastic stuff is showing its 40yrs of use. does anybody know a company that can take my pvc canvas and copy it. kinda hard to find one down south. i have found a company in newcastle but was just wondering if there is one more local to the guildford/basingstoke/camberley area.

any help will be appreciated.

cheers all

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Re: holdsworth villa 1 pop top replacement.

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What about a chandler as they will know a sail maker?

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Re: holdsworth villa 1 pop top replacement.

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Proud to pop in Gateshead , They did exactly that for me I sent them my old canvass and the used it to make new

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Re: holdsworth villa 1 pop top replacement.

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We had the same roof on our first van, it's called the Giant Riser.
This company used to do replacement bellows for them but unfortunately due to ill health they have stopped trading, can still contact them via email though so might be able to point you in the right direction.
A good tip is if yours is dropping down at all then the springs inside the tubes have weakened so take them apart and drop an old socket into each of the tubes.
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