Control arm bushes

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Control arm bushes

Post by syncro4us »

I will be having to install some new old stock  VW bonded rubber  bushings into the control arms for our syncro.
The bushes  are rubber bonded to an inner metal cylinder core tube through which the securing bolt runs. The core tube itself has one end that is machines/produced with flat rim and the other where the rim has three pips at 60 degrees to each other to presumably stand off and lock rotation of the bush at some point.
But  I am trying  to determine whether the flat end or the end with pips face forward
So far the consensus  from others seems to be that the end with the pips faces forward as this would be the thrust face when the vehicle is driven forward.Anyone else have any other views on this. 
It seems a small point but can anyone describe how exactly the rubber bushes work
1 If they are locked then as the suspension moves then presumably the rubber itself has to move building up potential torque whilst the core stays stationary.  
2 If the cores are allowed to freely move then the bolts should not be tightened to allow free rotation  but Bently page 40.26 shows the nut on the securing bolt to be tightened to 90Nm or 66ft lbs which would immobilise the central core or at least cause the pips on the core to scrape and erode the metal of the sub frame  or am I missing something?

Any one with further information can you let me know and thanks to those that have contributed so far.


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