diff lock

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diff lock

Post by laukort »

hi there. I am a new member and have had a syncro for a wee while...so slowly getting to know the beast.
it is a 1989 caravelle gl syncro.
it doesnt have any diff locks and I figured this would be the place to inquire about the possibilities of fitting them aftermarket?.
and how easy/difficult a job that is for the front or rear? and if possible where to buy them?

I am currently based near Bristol so even a tip for a knowledgable mechanic round these parts would be super helpful;)

many thanks all

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Re: diff lock

Post by silverbullet »

In breif: difflocks aren't a bolt-on. The parts can be gathered, but both the main transaxle casing and the front diff casing require machining before anything can be fitted. Then there's the pneumatics and minor electricals to sort out.
Aidan Talbot or Vantopia are you first ports of call.
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Re: diff lock

Post by Aidan »

rear difflock upgrade is straight forward requires a donor main case and the differential and operating parts, I have stock so can do it
front whilst the case can be machined to make possible difflock operation you still need a diff and parts, which can be obtained new, or again use a donor case and diff, or machine case and use a 4 pinion rear diff, again I have the parts so can do

all vans have the basic wiring for difflocks fitted, but not the dash bits and the switches and panel are quite hard to find used now and the panel and circuit board etc.. are nla new

Andy at Syncrosport can make wiring loom to suit

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