New SA syncro

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Re: New SA syncro

Post by Aidan »

I'd only remove the advance vacuum pipe from the throttle body by pulling the plastic hose from the rubber connector and put a golf tee in the rubber to seal it (not bother to seal the disi), if you remove vacuum hose for the pressure regulator then the fuel pressure will raise and you'll run faster as more fuel getting in. I think, if you use the GW engine in the Bentley and the 2.1 manual on Syncrosport it is not clear exactly which procedure to do and iirc the one in Haynes is slightly different. I've never seen the single plug connection for the coil signal I think it was deleted in practice, surely you want the idle control to work when you are setting up the idle, the dls and the crank hose sort of cancel each other out, ie if the fuel (oil vapour) increases then the dls can retard the timing a bit more to keep it smooth

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Re: New SA syncro

Post by Bigjcc55 »

Thanks again Aidan, I have disconnected the vac line from the throttle body and plugged and left the other connection on the dissi.
That now gives me a normal idle, I'll dig out the timing light and see how it goes.

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