ZIG Controller Upgrade

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ZIG Controller Upgrade

Post by keynsham1 »

I am looking at upgrading my electrics to use either a Zig CF9 or CF10. They are both pretty similar. I can understand the wiring but it isn't clear from any installation guide I have seen, how the unit deals with the fridge. It seems to assume that you will always have a 240v hookup which of course we all know you don't!

My present wiring is pretty standard. I have a split charging relay so the car charges the leisure battery when you are driving. My fridge is either mains, gas , or 12v. When 12v is selected it uses the leisure battery but recommended only when driving as otherwise it will flatten quickly. (The battery charges from the engine when driving).

The zig instructions say to disconnect the split charger system as it is not needed. Each battery is connected to the Zig unit and so is the fridge. This has a 240v output and also a 12v output. 

What is not clear to me are the following:

Does the Zig unit run the fridge with 12v when driving:
Does it charge the leisure battery when driving?
Does it charge either battery depending on the one selected by the switch, when plugged in to a 240v hookup?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this seems a great upgrade to what I currently have!

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Re: ZIG Controller Upgrade

Post by Mocki »

In my experience, the fridge will be much more efficient on 12v if it is only wired directly to the main battery , triggered by the  alternator , on the shortest possible wire runs , as only a tiny voltage drop will have a big effect on the power of the fridge 12v heating element . 
I wouldn’t wire the 12v side through the zig , or any other control panel unless the control panel is only switching the alternator trigger wire , thus only switching the relay on .
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