Running cables to rear view mirror.

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Spailpin Fanach
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Running cables to rear view mirror.

Post by Spailpin Fanach »

I have a reversing camera and dashcam I want to wire in on my 1989 Westfalia California poptop. It goes over the rear view mirror. The unit has 3 cables, one to power supply, one to rear view camera and one to GPS unit on front window. The cables are thin.

Any hints on doing this neatly? The unit has a permanent power supply unit I could splice into van electrics under steering wheel and then route supply cable up window frame along with camera cable. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks

1989 VW T25 1.6TD JX Westfalia California poptop with 5 gears. 

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Re: Running cables to rear view mirror.

Post by Aidan »

the neatest way would be to remove the windscreen and peel back the headlining and route the wires up the A pillar and along the reinforcement panel to the mirror and breakout as required, the same way that vw routed the wiring to the illuminated sun visor mirror but there's not a lot of room in the A pillar and there will already be wires in there for the door light(s)
otherwise use self adhesive cable attachment blocks up the outside of the A pillar and run the cables along the hinge line of the sun visors again probably using self adhesive fittings, buy the 3M ones for best stick probably

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Re: Running cables to rear view mirror.

Post by davidoft1 »

westy has a rigid headliner, the bit the mirror is fixed to is bare metal so to hide the wires completely they would have to come into the top windscreen crossmember somewhere, to completely hide the wiring youre going to have to pull out the front head liner, trying to feed the cabling up the inside of the a pillar may be possible but i assume it got aux cables to the camera? to get that lot to the rear nicely will be tricky 

could go behind the cabinets or behind the shelving unit above the cooker and down the wardrobe, not gonna be a five minute job, you could possible pull the power from the interior light wiring or the illuminated sun visors, but probably better just running straight down the a pillar to the fuse box, presume the camera is switched when reverse in engaged 

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