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TK103 central locking wiring.

Posted: 03 Dec 2020, 09:49
by captain Byrne
Ok, so I lost my central locking key fob - well actually it's at the bottom of a lake in the south of France. Anyway, I've got a TK103 gps tracker fitted which is tied into the after-market central locking via relays to trigger the locks. The only way around being able to use the central locking again was to buy a new like for like unit & just swap it over. Unfortunately the newer units are different, in so much as that rather than having four wires - violet unlock, Blue (-)door trigger, Brown lock & Green (+)door trigger, it only has two wires - Blue (-)door trigger & Green (+)door trigger. I'm now really struggling to figure out how to wire the thing. I'm guessing the relays need to be wired differently but does anyone know how? The diagram shows the old unit wiring on the left & the new on on the right. Thanks in advance as per usual.


Re: TK103 central locking wiring.

Posted: 04 Dec 2020, 16:11
by captain Byrne
Problem solved - I've pulled the wretched thing out. Had it wired properly but key fob didn't work. Waste of money.