Central locking gremlins....?

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Central locking gremlins....?

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Factory Central locking locks but won't unlock atleast it will but could be hours or days later. Ferry on Sunday and a little concerned may be locked out and unable to disembark!  :oops: Unwelcome take on 'lock down'!
If you are inside the drivers door locks and unlocks on the door plunge button but the passenger doesn't? Van is relatively new to me and though I have had it working after changing one of the fronts and rebuilding a sliding door actuator as the other and repeatedly repairing wires, I can't remember if the passenger actuator should lock all doors on the plunge button? When locked with key from outside all doors lock but none unlock as I can feel I am fighting the motors and don't want to snap the only key.  
Is this pointing to a bad earth on the passenger door? One of many jobs that need to get done before Sundays sailing.... Hence the cry for help!
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