Ignition issues

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Ignition issues

Post by Mallers2000 »

Hi there
It’s my first post and really hoping for some help.
I have a 1982 t25 camper LHD with a non turbo 1.9 d engine.
It used to have a 1.6d in it but it broke many years ago.
I’ve had the bus for about 11 yrs so I sort of know my way around it.

Anyway a good few years back someone tried to nick it and they screwed the ignition barrel and steering lock.
So for a quick fix I converted it to a toggle switch under the dash and a push button separate start I was going to put it straight but didn’t quite get round to it but I will one day.

Anyway last week the toggle switch failed under the dash while I was out and I lost the ignition.

To get me home I set about disconnecting the two wires from the switch my intention was to just stick them together to get my ignition back back on, unfortunately in the dark I managed to knock one against the body and shorted one out.

There was a little spark but nothing dramatic so I carried on wiring them together but when I stuck my head back up from under the dash I noticed my glow plug lamp wasn’t on I tried to start it but it would start.
After a bit of tinkering I found that it had lost the feed to the stop solenoid.
I ran a feed straight from my battery to the solenoid and got the engine running and I limped the bugger home.

So on inspection I’ve lost
Glow plugs
Stop solenoid
Reverse lights
And indicators
However the hazzards still work.

The ignition light on the dash still works as it should as does oil lamp and I think all other electrics.

I’ve checked the 12 fuses and the extra one in the fuse box all good even checked with a meter.
I’ve changed the flasher relay, x contact relay, glow plug relay and fuse.
I’ve checked wires under the dash and in the engine bay and I’ve given myself a headache trying to make sense of the wiring diagram.

However it’s still the same.

So dear knowledgeables

Does anyone have any ideas.

Any ideas will be gratefully received.



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