Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Post by MidLifeCrisis »

marlinowner wrote:
27 Jun 2020, 19:45 ... 312325779/

Pcb to fit 14 way connector

I had a look at these but couldn't find one that had drilled holes that you could solder a wire into/onto - they all seem to be just pads? Or have you seen anything more useful?
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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Post by marlinowner »

I was just going to solder to the pads but I guess you could use an edge connector permanently fixed to the board.
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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Post by Rotormac »

It would also be relatively simple to drill 1mm holes at the ends of each land for mechanical security before soldering.
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Re: Replacing the dashboard plastic PCB

Post by AngeloEvs »

Since I have PCB making equipment (and plenty of time) I would be happy to help members out if they want an edge connector similar to the one below but with an additional second row of anchor holes for soldering cables or I could change the design to accept screw terminal blocks. 

Cost of materials, a beer and postage around a fiver.......

Imageedge2 by Angelo Evans, on Flickr
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